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Clean Energy

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Propane is cleaner than other energy sources like coal, heating oil or gasoline.
Not only is propane cleaner than other energy sources, it often costs less.

Propane is cleaner than coal, heating oil, and gasoline while costing less to use. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to generate heat or power, you can rely on propane. This superior fuel has gained more momentum in recent years as an energy source for a growing number of homes and businesses across West Virginia (and the entire U.S.).

How Propane Is ‘Green’

Greenhouse gases and acid rain are primarily caused by of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Propane, unlike other fuel sources, produces no sulfur dioxide and no large amounts of carbon dioxide. Even electricity (generated from coal-fired plants) creates three times the amount of carbon dioxide as propane according to some researchers. Plus, propane vaporizes swiftly so soil contamination or polluted ground waters aren’t huge issues (when compared with other energy spills).


Put this all together and it’s easy to see why the propane is one of the greenest energies around. To find out how propane can improve your life and the ecosystem around you, contact us at Hagedorns in Morgantown WV by calling or emailing us today.