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Agricultural Propane 

Propane has many uses in the agricultural market from crop drying to powering vehicles.
Propane, in the agricultural market, can be used for crop drying, powering vehicles and weed control, to name a few.

Agricultural uses for propane include applications such as tobacco curing and weed control. It’s also used in crop drying, poultry brooding, and barn warming. Many vehicles run on propane, as well as generators and pumps.


In short, if your farm needs heat, power, or both than propane is a great choice. One big reason: Propane produces just small amounts of pollutants; it’s a cleaner, greener energy source around you and your animals.

Propane: Key to Bigger Crops & Healthier Livestock

With equipment such as propane gas flamers you can increase crop yields. You may choose to protect your livelihood from inhibitors including weeds, insects and pests by burning them away. Additionally, it’s safer for the environment and costs less than chemical pesticides! Chemicals can be harmful to you and your livestock. In addition, propane heaters can protect everything around your farm from the cold. Your sensitive crops and new chicks that need extra warmth can get the heat they need from propane. To find out more about agriculture uses, contact us here at Hagedorn’s. We are Morgantown’s propane company with over five decades of experience. Simply call or email us today.